To be eligible to submit a Pre-Qualification Form to HealthAdvance, the following criteria must be met:

  • The proposed work must not have existing funding from any other source, federal or otherwise.
  • The IP for the technology being developed should not be encumbered by existing licenses and/or options.
  • For HealthAdvance applications, a provisional patent application covering the technology involved must have been filed.
  • For technologies where Rutgers jointly owns the IP rights with another institution/entity, there must be an Inter-Institutional Agreement in place with Rutgers as the leading party.
  • The Applicant Innovator (or at least one of the lead Applicant Innovators) must have attended the mandatory Innovation & Commercialization Bootcamp offered by the Rutgers TechAdvance program. 

While NOT recommended, in special cases, where the Innovator(s) has clearly-demonstrable and meaningful experience with commercialization of early-stage technologies, HealthAdvance will consider waiving the one-day workshop attendance requirement stated above.

For additional questions regarding Pre-Qualification eligibility criteria, please contact the HealthAdvance Manager


Pre-Qualification Application Form

Please click here to view the healthAdvance Pre-Qualification Form. 


HealthAdvance Pre-Qualification Form: Applicant Guidelines

Pre-Qualification Applications are accepted by HealthAdvance year round on a rolling basis. 

The Pre-Qualification Form has two parts: Section 1 and Section 2.   

  1. HealthAdvance Pre-Qualification Form may be submitted by the Licensing Managers on behalf of the Applicants on a rolling basis, all year round.
  2. As a part of eligibility criteria, before submitting a Pre-Qualification Application – all Applicants must attend the Innovators Bootcamp 101 administered either by Rutgers Optimizes Innovation’s educational platform: WORC (Workforce enhancement through Opportunities, Resources and Credentials) or by Rutgers TechAdvance program. While not recommended, HealthAdvance may waive this requirement for Applicants with clearly demonstrable and meaningful experience in commercialization of early-stage technologies. To check if you qualify for a waiver, please contact us:
  3. Section 1 (1.1 - 1.9) is to be completed by the Applicant, or the lead principal investigator(s). Applicants must completely fill out Section 1 BEFORE their Licensing Manager (LM) fills out Section 2 and submits the form to the HealthAdvance Manager.
  4. When submitting as a team, only the lead Applicant should fill out Applicant Information and Applicant Demographic fields in Section 1 segment 1.1.
  5. Applicant should ensure that Inteum docket numbers in (Section 1, segment 1.2 – Project/Technology Information) for each underlying disclosure for the proposed project are included in this form. You may seek help from the LM assigned to you, AFTER completing all other parts of Section 1.
  6. Applicant should be as specific as possible regarding Disease Space, Technology Category and the most relevant keywords that relate to your technology (Section 1. segment 1.2). If selected for a full application, this information will be used in the process of matching you with the most suitable Mentor-in-Residence (MIR) and to identify external reviewers for evaluation of your Application. 
  7. In Section 1. segments 1.3 – 1.8, the applicant is strongly encouraged to be as brief and specific as possible.
  8. Important information for TechAdvance/TechXpress awardees: If the Applicant(s) has received either TechAdvance® or TechXpress funding in the past, Section 1 segment 1.9 A and 1.9 B must be filled out in detail. Applicants must list all the milestones that were proposed in the Application to TechAdvance/Xpress, indicating if the milestones were successfully achieved/could not be met/project plan was modified (pivot) due to any reason and elaborating the reasons as asked for.
  • TechAdvance and HealthAdvance are commercialization funding programs. The primary goal of both the programs is to advance Rutgers technologies to a point where industry and/or investors would be willing to commit their own resources to support further commercialization activities. Therefore, it is imperative that the TechAdvance/Xpress awardees provide clear information in Section 1 segment 1.9 B, detailing all the marketing efforts (by the Applicant and the Licensing Manager) to seek industry input, and promote the technology to external sponsors and/or investors.
  1. ​​​​In Section 1 segment 1.9 C, Applicants should list all the organizations (excluding federal and state agencies, unless the application was for commercialization funding, like SBIR, STTR, etc.) that the Applicant has applied to in the last 3 years. Applicants should also include information on any submissions planned in the next 6 months. Note that an application to HealthAdvance does not preclude Applicants for submitting any other grant applications, however HealthAdvance funds cannot be used to support the scope of work that has been proposed to and funded by any other entity.
  2. Rutgers I-Corps Participation: HealthAdvance team encourages participation in entrepreneurial education programs, such as I-Corps™. If Applicant has completed the I-Corps program, additional document requested in Section 1 segment 1.9 D must be submitted with the HealthAdvance Pre-Qualification Form. 

All questions regarding the HealthAdvance™ platform, the application forms, process and application progress should be directed to the HealthAdvance Manager via email at