Photo of Sangya VarmaSangya Varma, PhD

Chief Operating Officer and Director of Biofabrication Workforce Development, New Jersey Center for Biomaterials, School of Arts and Sciences

Sangya Varma, PhD, is a scientist inventor and innovator with industry experience in translating 100% of her imaging technology discoveries into FDA approved and CE marked medical devices, specifically for graft-versus-host disease applications. She is the chief operating officer of the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials where she is in charge of all operations including administration, financial, human resources, and sponsored programs - federal, state, institutional, foundations, and industry. 

Varma previously led the Professional Science Masters and Master of Business & Science degree programs that are interdisciplinary, interschool, universitywide programs to address the need of developing a highly trained workforce in science and technology with skills in business and management. She was successful in transitioning the originally grant-funded program into a self-supporting unit in only three years.

As the founding Director of Biofabrication and Biomanufacturing WFD program, she continues to develop experiential learning and skills training programs for the nascent biofabrication industry sector including additive manufacturing/3D bioprinting and digital dentistry. Varma is one of the co-PIs of the Rutgers Optimizes Innovation Program and will lead the educational program called Workforce enrichment through Opportunities, Resources and Credentials (ROI-WORC).